Little human in therapy 2021

Solutions to continue the pandemic

In the beginning of 2021, we started translating the F.I.N.E. materials with the help of Mrs. Camelia Vidra, neonatologist, and through the voluntary involvement of Mrs. Claudia Dobocan, resident neonatologist in order to create an online course platform. We worked on the e-learning platform for a few months, and the illustrator Iulia Trif was alongside us to give life to the content. The realization of this platform was the solution found by Dr. Inga Warren to continue the training of medical staff in Neonatology, in the situation caused by the pandemic, in which travel between the UK and Romania was very difficult to achieve, and we couldn’t anymore, get together in a classroom as we used to before the pandemic. 

International Kangaroo Care Day

On May 15, the International Day of Kangaroo Care Method 2021, we organized a contest. Even in the pandemic year, according to the WHO recommendations, open maternity hospitals were encouraged and continued to be supported and eager to get more involved for the good of the newborns long hospitalized at birth in Romania. Together with our partners at EFCNI, an organization we are part of since 2013, 5 special armchairs for practicing Kangaroo Care were donated to Romanian hospitals. Hospitals were invited to express their wish and motivation by filling out a form. Thus, 6 hospitals registered, entering the public voting competition, on Facebook (parents or supporters of the Unu si Unu community and from the Maternity communities). The 5 seats were divided as follows: 3 seats for the Hospital ranked first in the public vote (SCJU Satu Mare) and 2 seats for the hospital ranked 2nd (SCJU Alba). Because the 3rd place maternity hospital, SCJU Miercurea Ciuc, had a lot of supporters, we organized a crowd funding and raised funds in the community and we bought 1 Kangaroo armchair for this ward as well.

E-learning platform

Unu si Unu Association announces the launch of the online course platform EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM: Family-centered care to increase the neurological development of the newborn, F.I.N.E. Level 1 (Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education), beginning September 15, 2021. The F.I.N.E. Level 1 educational program took place in an online format, translating the platform The online course is organized in two parts: Part 1- Theoretical session of individual online study (with ~ 5 hours of study) and Part 2: Practical group session, online, live – a workshop on Zoom (8 hours), hosted and led by NIDCAP trainers from the F.I.N.E. From Great Britain.

The first F.I.N.E. online trainings

In the autumn of 2021, the first online practice session was held for 10 representatives (doctors and nurses, department heads) from 5 hospitals in the country to create new opportunities for collaboration for the future. And we continued with two more sessions, one dedicated to the neonatology department in Târgoviște (15 doctors and nurses) and another to the Satu Mare ward (15 nurses). In parallel, with the help of the profile association from Hungary, we trained 20 medical staff from the neonatology department of the Miercurea Ciuc Hospital.

Also in 2021, two medical graduates completed Level II of the F.I.N.E. (Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Care Education) coordinated by Dr. Inga Warren: Neonatologist, head of the neonatal department of SCJU Satu Mare Mrs. Roxana Varga and nurse Sabrina Mocanu (Bucharest Philanthropy Hospital).



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